Thursday, May 7, 2020

Chris Ringler at Motor City Comic Con 2017

Motor City Comic Con was supposed to take place later this month. I am looking forward to the rescheduled date, but for now I am recalling fun from my many years of covering the MCCC.
I met author Chris Ringler at Motor City Comic Con a couple years ago. A native of Flint, MI, Chris has been writing since he was a teenager. His website invites you to enter "the cemetery of his mind." That pretty much sets the tone for Ringler's works. Obviously, his writing focuses on horror, blood, fantasy and the like.
As memorable as that was, it paled in comparison to reading one of his books. His books are horrific in the best, scariest sense of the word. They are almost impossible to put down. I have often intended to read just a few chapters, only to find myself too engrossed (or just grossed) to leave the book.
A master of horror, Ringler is actually very normal in person (of course). He is happy to discuss his books or horror in general with all of his fans.
Like many of the other area natives who have had booths at MCCC, it is always interesting to see the split reactions of the crowd. To the area residents, he is like a biddy. To the rest of the attendees, he is a celebrity writer. I always like seeing the way MCCC embraces the local talent and Ringler si one of the most talented.
Check out for more info about Chris. Go to for all of the info, including the celebrity guest list and scheduling. You can also find Motor City Comic Con on Facebook and other social media platforms.
Chris Ringler and me in Novi, M-May 2017.

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