Friday, May 1, 2020

On the Beat With Kacy Standohar 2020

Last season, Kacy Standohar joined the Chicago Bandits as an onfield reporter. Kacy brought a lot of experience in covering sports and was a welcome addition to the Bandits family. I had the pleasure of doing an introductory interview with Kacy, which can be found at On the Beat With Kacy Standohar of the Chicago Bandits.
I introduced Kacy as the "ace" reporter and I meant it, although Kacy is too humble to call herself that. Kacy covers multiple sports expertly.
In addition to the Bandits, Kacy's impressive resume includes the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Chicago Steel, the Windy City ThunderBolts, Comcast and more. Her experience is only surpassed by her knowledge and enthusiasm. Kacy accomplishes the tricky feat of being a home team supporter, while still delivering content.
Usually a blur of activity at a Bandits game, you know if you see Kacy, you will see something interesting. If you are lucky enough to catch her in a quiet moment, she is always happy to greet and chat with fans and friends.
In the interview below, I talked to Kacy about what she is doing to fill the current sports void, her time with the Blue Jackets, taking batting practice, soap operas and more. She was a great sport, even on the sillier topics.
One of her current projects is "Bandits Candids," which will be taking place on Instagram. Kacy will be conducting interviews with the Bandits. It promises to be fun, light and interesting. It is exactly what Bandit Nation and sports fans in general need right now. As usual, Kacy and the Bandits deliver!
Follow Kacy and the Bandits at and all over social media. Especially look for "Bandits Candids." I'll be follow along and reporting back here on it as well.
I really thank Kacy for her time and consideration. It was really a blast seeing and talking to her and I look forward to doing another interview with Kacy in person this summer.

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Jean Parker said...

Great interview ... Kacy has such positive energy ...