Saturday, August 15, 2020

Squared Circle Expo Update

A lot has changed since my last update on the Squared Circle Expo 2020. Unfortunately, the end result is the postponement of SCE 2020 until 2021.
The SCE was set to debut in Indianapolis, IN in August. Due to the health pandemic, it had already been postponed from the original May date. Becaus ethe health situation is about the same, the organizers of the SCE decided to postpone the debut until 2021.
While I hated to see the event pushed back, it really was the right decision. Whether you believe in the severity of the virus or not, the restrictions imposed would make the convention a lot less fun for everyone. Meeting and taking pictures with wrestlers while everyone is wearing a mask is not quite the experience anyone wants. A wrestler in a wrestling mask as part of the gimmick is a different story. Nobody would mind Glenn Jacobs wearing his Kane mask.
I'm disappointed I won't meet all of the wrestlers scheduled to appear, but I am also sad I won't see so many of my convention friends. "Zubaz" Ed Gonzales is one of those friends, who I'm pretty sure would have been at the event.
Ed is a wrestling fan, semi-retired wrestler and convention regular. I have seen Ed many times at other conventions. It's always fun around Ed and his wife "Hardcore" Heather Owens.
As indicated by his nickname, Ed is the king of Zubaz. I believe Ed would live entirely in Zubaz if he could, although he comes close it seems. I support Ed's goals. I love Zubaz or any such casual pants.
Ed and Heather are also busy hosting the Pop Drunk podcast. The pair discuss everything about Pop Drunk figures, along with occasional (or frequent) drinking. It's an entertaining podcast from two very fun people.
I am already looking forward to SCE 2021. I am sure the organizers will make it even bigger and better than originally planned. It will be even better to see friends like Ed, Heather and so many others!
Check out Ed and Heather on Pop Drunk podcast on YouTube. Also, go to SquaredCircleX for news and updates.
Ed Gonzales and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2017.

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