Friday, September 11, 2020

On the Beat With Big Mama of Girl Fight Wrestling

My coverage of Girl Fight Wrestling continues with an interview with Big Mama. I was “On the Beat” and I got a little background on and insight into her.
Big Mama started her wrestling journey in 2006 at BoneKrushers National Pro Wrestling Training Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Under the tutelage of wrestling veteran and former WWF referee Roger Ruffen and guest trainers TNA's Abyss and New Japan's Karl Anderson, Big Mama honed her skills in preparation for her debut. Two years later on April 5, 2008, Big Mama stepped into the ring for her first pro bout.
That is the basic biographical background of Big Mama's road to the ring, but the full story is a bit more colorful as she tells it in our interview. Long road trips from school, keeping her mom in the dark, turning 18 and more are part of the back story. Also, find out the role (or “blame” as we joked) her grandfather has in her story. Big Mama talks about all of that, her favorite wrestlers, her thoughts on Girl Fight Wrestling and Nikki Victory, her sometimes tag team partner, but opponent at Jawbreaker.
The “teacher versus student” is a wrestling staple and it will come alive again on Saturday, September 26 as Epic Wrestling Entertainment presents Girl Fight Wrestling Jawbreaker at the Park Memorial UMC in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The Big Mama-Nikki Victory story has a twist from the classic tale however.
While Big Mama definitely plans on winning and handing down a beating along the way, she is quick to state it doesn't change the tag team partnership with Victory. It's all part of wrestling as Big Mama sees it and she is right. She has fought with and against Victory before and the Big Victory tag team remains intact.
Because of their history and tag teaming, they know each other well. Will they capitalize on each other's weaknesses or will there be any mercy from one partner to another? Being familiar with Girl Fight Wrestling, I can tell you this can go many ways. One thing is certain though. It will be a great match.
In preparing for my interview with Big Mama, I watched some of her matches on YouTube. I saw shades of the legendary Earthquake in her, a comparison she does not dismiss and in fact, embraces. Much like 'Quake had a size advantage in many of his matches, so does Big Mama and also like him, she knows how to effectively use her size. Equipped with a solid move set and a mind for the sport, Big Mama is a force in the ring.
The Main Event for Jawbreaker is Mickie Knuckles versus Su Yung. Another match pits the purple haired maniac Charlie Kruel against “Small and Mean” Salena Dean, my two most recent interview subjects. In addition to Big Mama versus Victory, there are also a few other great matches. As Mad Man Pondo promised in our first interview about Girl Fight Wrestling, it is a show all about women, showcasing the best and toughest women.
As I continue to interview the fine women athletes about Girl Fight Wrestling, it becomes increasingly more apparent how passionate they are about it. It's also apparent it will be a great night. The more passionate these wrestlers are, the better the action will be.
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TwinCityKillaz said...

Watched the whole interview. 'Big Mama' comes across as focused, fun, and a positive person who knows what she wants at the end of the tunnel! Wish her the best in future endeavors!

Johngy said...

Thanks. I know wrestling isn't for everyone, but I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.