Friday, September 25, 2020

On the Beat With Tully Bertorelli

Last week, I had the pleasure of finally interviewing Tully Bertorelli. Technically, I interviewed Tully two weeks ago, but somehow it failed to record on my end. Fortunately, Tully was kind enough to do another interview and I greatly appreciate his patience.
Tully is a man of many hats. He's a wrestler. a musician, a comedian, a stunt actor and probably many other things. More importantly, he is a good dude and I m happy to call him my friend.
I have known Tully for a while. Our paths have crossed at comic cons and wrestling shows, but timing always prevented an interview at any of those events. One good thing that has come from the self-quarantine has been the increase in doing interviews, even if they are Skype and not in person.
Tully has a lot of projects on his plate. His next event will be appearing at Chicagoland Championship Wrestling's debut event October 3 in Michigan City, IN. I will be there "On the Beat" covering the event and hoping interviewing Tully again in person.
Tully had some very interesting thoughts on Chicagoland Championship Wrestling. Surprisingly, yet fittingly, he is not going after the Heavyweight title (at least not now). Mr. Made for TV has his sights set on the Television title, which will debut at a future CCW show. I'll let him explain his reasoning, but it all makes perfect sense.
In addition to talk about CCW, Tully discussed his introduction into wrestling, his wrestling favorites, his versatility and much more. Obviously, Tully is a multi-faceted as he is multi-talents. It was a very interesting interview for me and I am sure you'll enjoy it as well.
Check out Tully on Instagram and his music at Billy Club Master Chef on Band Camp. Also, go to for info on that exciting new wrestling organization.

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