Monday, October 12, 2020

Friendly Encounters: Josh Blue and Jean Parker

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

My sister Jean is always trying to help me. She has given me many great blog ideas for Global Traveler and several excellent celebrity pictures for the Beat. A couple years ago, Jean and her friend saw comedian Josh Blue and Jean sent this picture to me.
Blue started doing stand-up comedy while in college. Much of his self-deprecating humor is centered on living with cerebral palsy. He was voted the Last Comic Standing on NBC's reality show Last Comic Standing during its fourth season in 2006. He followed that by being the first comedian to do stand-up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
He has continued on the comedy club scene and also makes television appearances. His 1 million followers on Facebook are testament to his popularity.
Go to for more info and to purchase his comedy DVDs, shirts and other cool stuff. Also, follow Josh Blue on Facebook, for news and updates.
A friend, Josh Blue and Jean Parker in Naples, FL-January 2018.

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Jean Parker said...

He is a great comedian!!