Friday, October 16, 2020

On the Beat With Paige Jones of Girl Fight Wrestling

Girl Fight Wrestling returns this Saturday, October 17, as Epic Wrestling Entertainment presents Girl Fight Wrestling: Night of the Living Girl Fight. This one promises to be historic as a new Girl Fight Wrestling World Champion will be crowned.
One of the competitors is Paige Jones. Paige is the wife of the legendary Larry D, most notably seen on Impact Wrestling. Paige is proud and happy to be Larry's wife, but make no mistake, she is her own person and carving her own exciting path in wrestling.
Yesterday. I had the pleasure of interviewing Paige. As is usual with our introductory interviews, I asked Paige about her wrestling background and her wrestling favorites. We talked about death matches, intergender matches, wrestling with (and possibly against?) her husband and more fun topics. She also talked about what drew her to Girl Fight Wrestling and what her strategy would be in the Broad Brawl.
Of course, I had to ask Paige about Larry wrestling for Impact. You can feel her pride and happiness for him as she speaks. She talked about the unplanned moment of joining him at Impact. That type of emotion and reaction is what draws me into wrestling. Knowing it was not planned makes it even more of a special moment.
With all due respect to Larry though, this interview was about Paige. Still, those lines are blurred sometimes, in all the right ways. It is obvious they are a team in and out of wrestling, but listening to Paige, you quickly realize they are two individuals who make a strong team, but are also forces on their own.
The many other women in the Broad Brawl will see just what kind of force Paige is. The Broad Brawl will start with two women in the ring. Another woman will enter every 30 seconds. The last woman standing at the end of the night will be the new Girl Fight Wrestling World Champion. As I said in the interview, Paige might just be the dark horse in this battle.
Several other women have also been announced for the Broad Brawl. They include the purple haired maniac Charlie Kruel (recently interviewed on Global Women's Sports Radio), former Girl Fight Wrestling champ Mickie Knuckles, Billie Starkz, Hazel Croux, Aleida Ortiz, Destiny, Blair Onyx, Valentina Loca, Sabrina Hexx, Arie Alexander, Heather Wreckless, Megan DiFrancisco, Hannah Henderson, Kayla Kassidy and more.
There are a few other matches on the card, too. Mickie Knuckles will battle Charlie Kruel in a Grudge Match stemming from their interaction at the last Girl Fight Wrestling event. This match could headline any show. Also, Blair Onyx will face Billie Starkz and Heather Wreckless will face Valentina Loca. Of special note is the women in the singles matches will then be part of the Broad Brawl. Ordinarily, I would think they would be battered and weakened for the Broad Brawl, but knowing these women, it will probably give them an extra charge.
Epic Wrestling Entertainment presents Girl Fight Wrestling: Night of the Living Girl Fight on Saturday, October 17 at their new venue, the Arena on Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The doors open at 6 p.m. With a bell time of 7 p.m. 
As promoter Mad Man Pondo stressed in our interview a couple months ago, Girl Fight Wrestling puts the spotlight squarely on the talented women wrestlers. At Girl Fight Wrestling: Night of the Living Girl Fight that spotlight will be on a lot of tough women, ending with one holding the Girl Fight Wrestling championship belt.
I really appreciate Paige's time and consideration for our interview. She is a lot of fun and she is tough as can be. Will Paige walk away with a new title belt? Check back here for recurring coverage of Girl Fight Wrestling. Go to the Girl Fight Wrestling Facebook page for more info. Also, check out Paige Jones on Facebook.

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