Saturday, October 3, 2020

On the Beat With Steve Ahrendt and Joey Roth of Chicagoland Championship Wrestling

Chicagoland Championship Wrestling debuts tonight in Michigan City IN. A couple days ago, I was "On the Beat" with Steve Ahrendt and Joey Roth, who will be handling the broadcast.
When I interviewed CCW owner John Bullard, he spoke very highly of the broadcast team he put together. Ordinarily, I might think this was the usual promotion any good owner would do. In John's case, it is promotion, but it is straight from his heart. I know John well enough to know he really believes in this duo.
I agree with John's assessment. I have seen Joey in action at wrestling events and even as the interviewer for Johngy's Beat. I have also seen Steve, but only on videos. The duo promises to be electric. While I will be at the event, I will also listen later when the video is available, because I want to hear these two describe the action.
I don't know if this interview is the first time Steve an Joey appeared together as the broadcast team, but I am claiming it as such. If it's not the first, it is close enough.
Steve and Joey talked about the debut event, what brought them to CCW, their thoughts on owner John and more, including giving a prediction for the threeway heavyweight championship match pitting Marshe Rocket versus Garrisaon Creed versus Chris Logan.
I am excited about CCW's debut and hearing Steve and Joey on commentary. They are good guys and very talented. Owner John is the same. When you have good people, who are talented, coming together to start a new company, good things will follow and I am happy to be a part of it from the beginning.
It all starts tonight. Come out to Michigan City or watch it on Amazon Prime. Just don't miss it! 
Thank you to Steve and Joey for their time and consideration. Thanks to John for giving me access.I appreciate all of them/
Go to for more info. Also, check the Chicagoland Championship Facebook page for more frequent updates.

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