Thursday, November 26, 2020

Johngy On Global Women's Sports Radio

I have been writing for for several months. Since the WNBA and Athletes Unlimited seasons ended, I don't have as much new to report.

I started writing a few random women's wrestling updates and then I realized it could become a weekly feature. I pitched the idea of a Weekly Women's Wrestling Wrecap to the big cheese at GWSR. Fortunately, he gives me a lot of freedom in my writing.

It is now a weekly series appearing every Monday on GWSR. I bring it down by each of the big companies and independents. I also include upcoming women wrestler appearances. Several retired and active women wrestlers have shared the news and it seems to be picking up viewers.

If you are a fan of wrestling, especially women's wrestling, look for the Weekly Women's Wrestling Wrecap every Monday on If you have any women's wrestling news, feel free to send it to me here or message me on Facebook.

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