Tuesday, November 3, 2020

On the Beat With Roxi Heart

I was back “On the Beat” for an introductory interview with Roxi Heart, a relative newcomer on the wrestling scene who is quickly building an impressive resume. Roxi is a valet and manager, who has recently become a backstage interviewer.

Roxi spoke openly about her connection to wrestling, stating Joey Roth originally asked her to be his valet, despite her having no previous experience in wrestling. She did, however, have an acting background, which certainly aided her in the squared circle, since wrestling is a grand performance after all. Roxi easily took to wrestling as a natural extension of her performing skills.

Joey and Roxi soon became known as a current day super couple, following in the footsteps of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Although clearly different characters, the Joey and Roxi pairing possesses an aura similar to Savage and Elizabeth. Not coincidentally, Roxi lists Miss Elizabeth as one of her all time favorites.

At the recent debut of Chicagoland Championship Wrestling, Roxi conducted interviews. She announced she will continue in this role at the next CCW event on April 17, 2021 in Michigan City, Indiana. Knowing CCW owner John Bullard is a great judge of talent and character, I suspect Roxi's role will continue to grow in CCW.

As mentioned earlier, Roxi's entertaining career actually started with acting, a passion she still pursues outside the wrestling ring. Roxi regularly performs with BYOT Productions and is also in the middle of a production of Little Park of Horrors in Elgin, Illinois. She also revealed she (with Joey) will soon be in a Dracula production.

Despite being a super couple, both Roxi and Joey are quick to point out they are individuals who have their own career paths, but are also incredible together. While Joey continues to make waves as a manager,wrestler and broadcaster, Roxi is carving out a multi-faceted wrestling career as a valet and interviewer. Is an in-ring appearance in her future? As Roxi admits, on never knows, although it is not currently planned. Still, with Roxi, one does never know, but if that happens, I'm sure she will be a success.

Roxi is the type of person I love interviewing. She is involved in so much activity and has an interesting history. There is a lot more to the Roxi Heart story and I intend to continue bringing here and on Global Women's Sports Radio.


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