Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Dr. Destruction at PopCon Milwaukee 2017

Among my other favorites, I always have a soft spot for horror hosts. Whether schlocky, funny, serious, scary or whatever, I find them immensely fascinating. Dr. Destruction is one of my favorites.
Based in Wisconsin, Dr. Destruction hosts Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre on VPOD TV 59.3. Dr. Destruction has been delighting fans for more than 20 years. 
Nicknamed "The Godfather of Goth," Dr. Destruction lists his birth year as 1905.  I'd say he is aging incredibly well. He was the Channel 14 Newcomer of the Year in 2003, one of many awards and accolades he has collected over the years.
If you are in the viewing are, I highly recommend Dr. Destruction's show. If not, look for him on YouTube to be amused. He is one of the best horor hosts.
Dr. Destruction and me in Milwaukee, WI-November 2017.

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