Monday, January 18, 2021

Mascot Week Friend Encounters: Reggy and Nancy Blais

Friend Encounters is a weekly series in which I feature friends who have met celebrities.  Mascot Week starts with a Special Friendly Encounters edition.

Although the Mascot Hall of Fame technically opened late in 2018, the official grand opening was in April of 2019. Of course, I could not miss that event and I managed to drag Nancy with me. I wrote about the experience online for Global Traveler at Mascot Hall of Fame.
The day was actually a bit of a disappointment. A bunch of mascots were advertised and with my fascination of mascots, I wanted to meet them. Unfortunately, the mascots appeared in shifts and nobody really knew the schedules.
We waited around a while and finally met Reggy, the Hall of Fame's mascot. We may have even raced ahead of some kids to get to him first.By then, we had been there about an hour and had pretty much seen all there was.
The museum is aimed more for kids, but there are some interesting things for adults, too. There are a bunh of interactive displays, again aimed mostly at kids, including a "build a mascot" station in the gift shop.
I had waited with anticipation for a long time for the Mascot Hall of Fame to open. It was cool to finally see it. I am sure it will continue to grow and to add new features. I am sure I will be back there later this year to see what's new.
You can get more info at You can also get updates and fun pictures on the Mascot Hall of Fame Facebook page.
Nancy Blais and Reggy in Whiting, IN-April 2019.


Jean Parker said...

Looks like a fun place to take the kiddos once this pandemic is over. Seems they have a "Build A Bear" shop in the same building.

Nancy said...

It was fun. I wish we could have seen more mascots.