Monday, August 23, 2021

Friend Encounters: Brenna Moss and Tony Feddeler

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

I'd like to say I facilitated my buddy Tony Feddeler meeting former Chicago Bandits outfielder Brenna Moss, but the truth is, he could have met her on his own. The players regularly greeted all fans after the games. Technically, I introduced them, although that's not really a big deal. I'm just trying to glom credit in some way for this one.
Tony and I miss the Bandits, who haven't played since the 2019 season. The pandemic killed the 2020 season and surprisingly 2021, too.
When the Bandits return in 2022, I wonder what the team will look like. How many Bandits from 2019 will still be part of the team?
I'll be back "On the Beat" with the team when they start again. I am sure I can get Tony to join me at some games, too.
For more info on the Bandits, go to Also, follow here, because when news is announced, I will be covering it. Without the Bandits this year, Athletes Unlimited is filling the void. Go to for more info on that softball league.
Brenna Moss and Tony Feddeler in Rosemont, IL-July 2019.

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