Sunday, May 16, 2021

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Today is my eldest niece Laura's birthday. I won't be there in person to wish her a happy birthday, but I am doing so here.

Where does the time go? I remember riding the train downtown with her mom when she was pregnant with Laura. Fast forward so quickly and she is a beautiful, bright, smart adult. Did I mention with just the right amount of sass?

I am so proud of her. She's got more courage at her age than I ever did back then.

She claims to dislike my clown character, but I think she secretly likes it (or maybe more accurately likes to hate it). She has revealed a few characters of her own on occasion, although no clowns...yet.

From a purely selfish standpoint, one of my greatest memories was seeing Laura and her friend Karen around Mile 20 during the 2018 Marathon. I have serious doubts I would have finished if they weren't there. They get added points for making me crack up by wearing Johngy shirts.

The picture below is pure Laura. Why is she hugging a cactus? I don't know, nor will I argue with her. If she's doing it, there's a good reason (unless she just felt like doing it, in which case that's reason enough). Knowing her mom and Laura, Nanc probably told her to be careful around the cactus and Laura had to push it. LOL

Wherever you are celebrating today, I wish you a fantastic birthday, Laura! I love you! 

Laura Fitzpatrick in AZ-February 2020.


Nancy said...

Love this. Happy Birthday Laura.

Laura F said...

Aww thanks, Uncle Crash! Love you! 💜

Jean Parker said...

Hope you had a good birthday Laura! Hope to see you soon!
Aunt Jean