Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Chicago Blitz Coach Sidney Lewis Loves Johngy's Beat

Earlier this year, I attended a Chicago Blitz practice session. I interviewed Coach Sidney Lewis and several players. That set of interviews can be found at On the Beat With the Chicago Blitz. After the interview, Coach Sid was kind enough to do a promo for Johngy's Beat.

Coach Sid has a tough job ahead. The (rebranded) X League hasn't played in two years. He is also following the legendary Coach Keith Hac, who guided the Bliss to four LFL championships.

No announcements have been made recently about the return of the X League. I think it wil return in some form at least. I hope Coach Sid is still there, because he's a good guy and a solid coach. I am interested to see what he can do with a whole new Blitz squad.

I have my eyes on the situation and will report back here when anything develops. Let's hope the Blitz take the field for real in 2022.

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