Friday, June 23, 2023

Jenny Parks at Wizard World Chicago 2017

I long to return to the convention scene. I am recalling some of the talented folks I have met over the years at Wizard World like Jenny Parks. 
Jenny bills herself as a "scientific Illustrator." That's a cool title for a fantastic artist. Jenny also describes herself as a nerd and a cat lover. The second label is proven in her artwork. She creates unique art featuring cats as pop culture characters. She even published Star Trek Cats, a fully illustrated book.
This all leads to lots of questions, which I hope to ask her someday at a future convention. She was far too busy to talk when I met her several years ago. Business always takes precedence over interviews.
Anyway, I wonder how she decides which cat she will draw for each character. Is it a feel for the character? Is it just an artistic whim? Does she try different cats until one feels right? I am certain she has a reason and I will eventually learn it.
Until then, I enjoy following her on her site and social media. I love seeing the new cat artwork she does. One of my favorites from Jenny is "Purrinecess Leia."
Go to for more on Jenny and her art. Also, check for info and scheduling on all of their events.
Jenny Parks and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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