Friday, September 10, 2021

Kayla Wedl From UIC to AU

Kayla Wedl was a softball pitcher in high school, but moved to the infield when she played at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to being a star player at UIC, she also earned a degree in Kinesiology and is working on a Master's degree in Marketing.
Ay UIC, she was the 2021 Horizon League Player of the Year. That was just one of many awards and accolades she earned in a stellar career at UIC.
In June, Athletes Unlimited held its first open tryouts and Kayla won a spot on the 2021 league roster. As I have previously documented several times, AU doesn't have set teams, but rather has weekly redrafts. That's why Kayla earned a league roster spot and not a specific team.
As is the case for all AU players, part of Kayla's earnings in the league go to the charity of her choosing. For Kayla, that is Players for Pits, an organization dedicated to saving pit bull type dogs in Chicago-area animal controls. The goal is to decrease the number of pit bull type dogs dying in shelters and to make the nation no kill.
I had the pleasure of meeting Kayla at the first set of games this season. As a local athlete, she was very busy with family and friends, but she was kind enough to give me a few moments.
Follow her at @kaylawedl on Instagram. Also, check for more info on Kayla and the rest of the league.
Kayla Wedl and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2021.

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