Tuesday, September 21, 2021

On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Softball Week Four

Week Four of Athletes Unlimited Softball produced some interesting results. There's a new overall leader and reigning champ Cat Osterman has dropped out of the top ten in the standings. Mid-season arrival Kayla Wedl had her first pro hit. Anissa Urtez won a game MVP on Hispanic Heritgae Day.

Amanda Chidester led Team Gold to a perfect 3-0 record. Aleshia Ocasio's Team Purple went 2-1 and Sahvanna Jaquish's Team Orange went 1-2. Surprisingly, Cat Osterman's Team Blue went 0-3.

Despite her team going 3-0, Chiddy actually dropped one spot in the standings and now trails new leader Aleshia Ocasio by 52 points. Newcomer to the top four is Carrie Eberle with 1,378 points. Rounding out the top four spots is Sahvanna Jaquish, who dropped two spots, with 1,336. Osterman dropped to 12th place with 1,186. While it is possible to jump a lot of places (see Eberle's jump of 16 places), I don't see Osterman rebounding that much. I think it's Ocasio's time to win it all. 

On her way to her big vault in the standings, Eberle picked up two MVP awards. Alyssa Denham and Anissa Urtez finished in the top three for two of the games. 

Game 19-Alyssa Denham, Tori Vidales, Nadia Taylor

Game 20-Anissa Urtez, Sam Fischer, Sara Groenewegen

Game 21-Gwen Svekis, Odicci Alexander, Kelsey Stewart

Game 22-Carrie Eberle, Anissa Urtez, Morgan Zerkle

Game 23-Amanda Sanchez, Lilly Piper, Alesia Ocasio

Game 24-Carrie Eberle, Ali Aguilar, Alyssa Denham

The AU Week Five Draft is tonight at 5 PM CST. The teams return to the softball field Saturday as Eberle's Team Blue faces Chidester's Team Orange at noon CST. The nightcap sees Ocasio's Team Gold battling Jaquish's Team Purple at 3 pm CST. The season ends on Monday with the final game at 9 pm CST featuring Team Orange and Team Gold.

The postgame press session for Saturday featured Tori Vidales, Alyssa Denham, Nadia Taylor, Anissa Urtez, Sara Groenewegen and Sam Fischer. That interview session can be found at On the Beat With Athletes Unlimited Softball 09/18/2021.

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