Thursday, November 25, 2021

Meeting Erik Donner

I have been a fan of the late Ral Donner since my childhood. Donner was a singer, whose voice was similar to Elvis Presley. Donner had several big hits, includinbg "The Girl of My Best Friend," my favorite of his.
When my friends Paul and Lori Myers invited me to see Erik Donner, I didn't immediatelty realize he was Ral's son. After doing a bit of research, I found out about the familial connection and I looked forward to the night with my friends and seeing Erik.
Paul and Lori have seen Erik several times and have struck up a friendship with the singer. When I arrived the night of the show, they introduced me to Erik and we talked a bit before his show. I told him of my appreciatioon for his dad's music and he told me a little trivia. His adad provided the Elvis narration in the 1981 film "This Is Elvis."
Erik covers a wide range of music, including the Beatles, Beach Boys, Billy Joel and , of course, his father. One of the first songs he played was "The Girl of My Best Friend," which he dedicated to me, his newest fan. That was very nice of him and a really cool moment.
I wrote about the night for Global Traveler at An Evening with Erik Donner. Also, be sure to check out
 Erik Donner and me in Lombard, IL-July 2021.

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