Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Cards That Never Were: WWE Topps 1985 Football Style

Cards That Never Were is a recurring series in which I create virtual trading cards for players missed in various sets. It is a concept I have borrowed from far too many others to list, but I appreciate all of their effort. Some of my creations and a lot from others can be found in the Custom Baseball Cards group on Facebook.

The group is not limited to baseball cards. It also isn't limited to actual sets. Such is the case when I started creating wrestling cards using the 1985 Topps football card format.

The 1985 Topps football set is one of my favorites. It is simple and easy to recreate. I did learn a bit in creating the wrestling cards in that style. The little box that contained the first names was not centered nor consistent. I have no idea how Topps decided where to put the box, but I centered it (ever a fan of consistency). 

Also, the big letters from the last names lacked a bit of consistency. They were usually the same on any card, although "M" and "N' often were thinner than other letters. Sometimes the letters were thicker than other times, despite having the same number of letters.

These inconsistencies might not bother others, but they drive me crazy, probably too much so.

In any case, I did my best to make WWE wrestling cards using this format, while maintaining a level of consistency with the letters, spacing and alignment.

All of my wrestling creations can be found at Wrestling Topps 1985 Football style album. A few of them are below.


Brett Alan said...

Looks very nice! I love that the Shea Stadium scoreboard is prominent on the Bruno card, as it was on many baseball cards around the time the photo was taken.

It does feel weird to me to have "WWE" rather than "WWF" for him and Piper, but I can see why you'd do it that way.

Johngy said...

Thanks. Yes, I agree about the WWF/WWE thing, but I figured that's how WWE would do it.