Friday, October 7, 2022

Anna Jay at Squared Circle Expo II

We are now six months away from Squared Circle Expo III, which runs April 7-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana. My coverage her is ongoing, but my first bit for the Patch is at Squared Circle Expo III Is 6 Months Away.
All Elite Wrestling's Anna Jay was one of the most popular wrestlers at SCX II last year. Despite her long lines, she made sure everyone walked away satisfied with their experience.
That is typical of the entire wrestler lineup at SCX. Collectively, I have never seen a more fan-friendly celebrity lineup at any convention. There were more than 65 wrestling stars and all were just fantastic.
The guest list hadn't been fully announced yet, but the promoters have revealed Kurt Angle as the first guest. When you start with Kurt Angle, you know the list is going to be gold. It's true. It's darn true!
Go to for more info on SCX III. Go to for more info on Anna and all AEW talent. Check back here for my recurring coverage and updates.
Anna Jay and me in Indianapolis, IN-April 2022.

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