Friday, November 24, 2023

Carrie at Squared Circle Expo

Squared Circle Expo returns to Indianapolis March 29-30. SCX IV promises to be bigger and better than the previous ones and that is a big statement.
Today, I salute one of the real stars of SCX, although one who eschews the limelight. Carrie, wife of co-promoter Adolfo, might fly under the radar, but everyone there loves her.
While Adolfo and co-promoter Ed have managed wrestlers during the matches portion of the weekend, and Heather has actually wrestled, Carrie has stayed out of the ring. Instead, she can usually be found handling the merch booth. Despite the fun chaos of any convention, Carrie always has a smile. She is definitely a welcome sight every year.
Carrie would probably hate this post, but I am sure she would forgive me, because it is meant with much appreciation. Don't get me wrong though, Ed, Heather and Adolfo certainly appreciate Carrie and each other. They are a great team and I love them all.
Guests have not been announced yet, but there are a few good guesses to start. SCX Champ Matt Cardona, SCX Women's Champ Freya the Slaya and SCX Tag Champs Rhino and Heath are good bets to defend their titles. In addition to them, there will be about 50 other great legends, current stars and future stars on the talent list.
Go to for more info and scheduling. Check back here for my recurring coverage.
Carrie Dorta and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2018.

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