Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Catching Up With Harry Reinhart and Meeting Peter O'Brien

I became a fan of Harry Reinhart after meeting him and seeing him join his daughter Haley on stage a few years back. I am a big fan of Haley and discovering Harry was a bonus.
Harry has been performing for many years. He is part of several bands, including Skip Towne and the Greyhounds. Also in that band is Peter Quinn, who is perhaps best known for his 1984 hit "The Curly Shuffle." The two musicians performed at Northbrook Days a few weeks back.
I arrived at the fest early as usual and I happened to see Harry right away. Because he was talking with friends, I restrained myself from approaching him immediately. When they broke, I greeted Harry and asked for a picture with him and Peter.
We talked for a bit. Haley is doing well, living in Los Angeles. Like all others, the pandemic caused them to stop live performances, but they are slowly returning to the stage.
Harry and Peter cover a wide range of music, but on this night they opened with "Iko Iko," one of my favorites and they did a fantastic job with it. The duo delighted the crowd with other favorites all night.
Hopefully, I will be able to see Harry and Peter or any combination of the band again. Sometime down the line, I am sure I will see Haley again and it's a good bet Harry will be there, too.
I wrote all about the night for Global Traveler at Northbrook Days. Also, check for more info on Harry, Peter and the rest of the band.
Harry Reinhart, Peter Quinn and me in Northbrook, IL-August 2021.

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