Friday, November 25, 2022

Mascot Week: Kane County Cougars Annie

Mascot Week is a celebration of the fun, fuzzy creatures who entertain fans at sporting events and elsewhere.

After 25 years of working solo for the Kane County Cougars, Ozzie T. Cougar was joined by his sister Annie T. Cougar. (The T theoretically stands for "the").
In June 2016, Annie was introduced to the fans. Annie's debut was greeted by other mascots including Parker T. Fox (Fox Valley Park District), Mr. Limeade (Sonic), Rusty (Chicago Steel), Sparky ( the Fire Dog (Geneva Fire Department) and the Chic-fil-a Cow.
How did I miss this mascot extravaganza? I need an assistant to keep track of these things. At least I was able to meet Annie when DePaul celebrated the birthday of DIBS. 
For more info on Annie, Ozzie and the Cougars, go to Also, check back here for recurring fun with mascots, especially Mascot Week.
Annie and me in Chicago, IL-January 2022.

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