Saturday, November 12, 2022

Serendipity in Skokie

My friend Jim told me about a great cover band he saw. A few days later, I saw I saw Serendipity was playing in my library's courtyard about two blocks from me. I wrote about it more at Serendipity for Global Traveler.
A couple days before the concert, I messaged the band about getting a picture and got a positive response. On the night of the show, we arrived early and I approached drummer Heather when she wasn't too busy. She actually suggested we wait for the whole band. I didn't want to bother them, but if she was offering the whole band, I would gladly do it.
Nothing happened before the show. Then the band ripped through 90 minutes of great covers. A crowd of about 300, larger than I expected, danced, sang and clapped as the musicians played songs from the 60s to more recent hits. Drummer Heather ended a few with her trademark "cha cha cha," a fun interplay with the crowd.
I planned on waiting for a quiet time after the show to approach the band, but Heather took charge almost immediately and got me by the stage for a group photo. Now that is awesome fan-interaction.
I greatly appreciated Heather and the band taking time for a group pic. They were all very cool as we chatted a bit.
I highly encourage everyone to check out While they do great covers, they are also working on original music. I really look forward to that and hopefully seeing them again this summer.
Michele, Tom, Josie, Heather, Sam and me in Skokie, IL-July 2022.

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