Monday, May 30, 2022

Friend Encounters: Sasha Banks and Ty Wasilk

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Ty Wasilk is a big wrestling fan. He's met a lot of wrestlers, many of whom I have also met. Today though, I feature one I haven't met and I am very envious of Ty for this one.
When I started to write this, I looked up Sasha Banks to check on her title reigns in the WWE. She has seven singles titles and two tag titles. I was surprised though at how long she has been wrestling in the WWE. She first joined the company back in 2012. Still only 29, Banks has a lot of great years ahead of her.
Somehow I have not met Banks, despite her being on my list. Scheduling conflicts always seem to get in my way, but someday I shall match Ty and meet Banks.
When that day happens, I will mention to her that we share a birthday. Despite her accomplishments, Banks isn't the biggest name wrestler with my birthday. That honor would go to Road Warrior Hawk. Taylor Wilde and the Maestro also share my birthday. Although he isn't a wrestler, the legendary announcer Gordon Solie also celebrates on that day.
Anyway, back to Ty and Banks. Ty met her at a WrestleMania event in New Orleans, LA. I told you he was a big wrestling fan. He travels all over. He's got me beat there, too. While I want to meet Banks, I won't be making a cross country trip to do it. Hopefully, Banks will come to the Windy City and our birthday chat can finally happen. Until then, I remain envious of my pal Ty. 
Sasha Banks and Ty Wasilk in New Orleans, LA-April 2015.

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