Monday, December 26, 2022

Friend Encounters: Valerie Bertinelli and Larry Freda

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

My buddy Larry is back and this time he is not with a New York legendary athlete. Valerie Berttinellis is definitely a legend though.

Does Valerie ever age? Theformer child actress is 50 in the picture below. She probably looks the same today, too. It's not good photography either. I met Valerie around the same time and she looks amazing in person. She is also one of the sweetest celebrities I have met and I am sure Larry would agree.

The former star of tv's One Day at a Time was married to Eddie Van Halen and has had quite a life. She has written two books, Losing It and Enough Already. Both books are open and honest looks into her life, the good and the bad. As far as autobiographies go, these are two really good ones.

On the subject of autobiographies, my bud Larry should write one. He has met enough celebrities to at least do a coffee-table picture book of his meetings. Some day, I hope to be in that club of his meetings. Until then, I will continue to showcase his many great celebrity encounters.

Larry Freda and Valerie Bertinelli in Ridgewood, NJ-October 2010.

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