Saturday, January 28, 2023

Mascot Week: Chicago Fire Sparky

Mascot Week is a special week to celebrate the fun, furry creatures who entertain us at events.

The Chicago Fire soccer team was founded October 8, 1997, the 126th anniversary of the great Chicago Fire. Their official name was the Chicago ire Soccer Club, but now it is the Chicago Fire Football Club.

An anthropomorphic Dalmatian named Sparky is the mascot of the Fire. I don't know a lot about the origin or history of Sparky. I have found evidence he goes back to at least 2013.

One funny story I discovered was in late 2019, when the Fire unveiled a new logo. Fans were not happy with the redesign. When Sparky came out wearing gear with the new logo, the poor pup was actually booed. Well, actually, the logo was booed and Sparky just happened to be the unfortunate messenger.

Go to for more info on the team. You can also find event appearances by Sparky, but not much else about his mysterious history. Also, check back here for recurring fun with mascots, especially Mascot Week.

Sparky and me in Chicago, IL-January 2022.

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