Sunday, February 19, 2023

Happy Birthday Sam!!

Today I celebrate the birthday of my youngest niece Sam. I'm sure she is celebrating out west with her friends, but I send her birthday wishes from chilly Chicago.

Sam is such an amazing young woman. She's a great daughter, niece, aunt and more. She's far more adventurous and courageous than I ever was at that age and even now. Those are just two of the qaulities I admire in her. She's also funny, intelligent, sarcastic, caring and sweet.

Sam is also a healthcare worker. A very underappreciated occupation, at least during the pandemic people started to realize how important these folks are. I thank Sam for all she does.

Knowing Sam, she'll have a lot of fun today, unless she's working. Then the fun will come before or after, but it will definitely come. I don't know her schedule, but I am wishing her a fantastic birthday today. Happy birthday. I love you Sam!

Sam and Delaney in Tinley Park, IL-December 2021.


John Sharp said...

Today is the BEST Birthday to have, so, Happy Birthday! SAM, from your fellow February 19th Birthday guy, celebrating #63!

Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Sam ... it was so nice to see you!! I know you had fun celebrating with your friends in Colorado!

Johngy said...

Happy birthday, John!
And to Jean, congrats on raising a great young lady!