Friday, February 10, 2023

The Johngy "OR ELSE" Podcast Ep. 52: "Jerry Milani"

On the latest episode of The Johngy "OR ELSE" podcast, Tommy Else and I interview longtime comic con staple and current Fan Expo PR manager Jerry Milani. That interview is at Episode 52.
I met Jerry at Wizard World 2009, his first year with that company. I think it was my second year covering WW. Jerry gave me a chance, even though I had a new website with a small following. I greatly appreciated that opportunity and worked hard to reward his faith in me.
Over the years, I have written for more sites and have a larger readership. I give credit to Jerry for granting me interviews with such celebrities as Lou Ferrigno, Jodie Sweetin, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jason David Frank and so many others, including Lauren Holly, my all time favorite. Those interviews, which are all on my YouTube channel, helped build my following and my reputation. I am forever grateful for Jerry's help.
I also am happy we became friends over the years. We have talked comic cons and a lot more. Jerry is a big sports fan, most notably the New York Yankees.
A couple years ago, Fan Expo bought Wizard World and wisely kept Jerry on board. Although some were apprehensive about the transition, there really is little difference for the attendee between the two.
I am very proud to present our interview with Jerry. He's a great guy and I'm not just saying that so he sets me up with more celebrities at this year's Fan Expo.
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