Tuesday, March 14, 2023

On the Beat With Gina Versace-Fiore

I have always been curious and open-minded about spirits. I have wanted to talk to someone with knowledge and experience for a long time, not to get a reading (at least yet), but to learn.

When I saw a social media post by Jenniffer Weigel that included Inked Medium Gina Versace-Fiore, I knew I found the perfect person. I contacted Gina asking for an interview. I was honest, explaining I was neutral on the subject, but genuinely wanted to learn more. Gina graciously accepted my request and quickly set a time.

I anxiously waited the several days for the interview. I found an interview she did with Pat Longo. It was a fantastic interview, giving lots of info. It also helped shape the questions I had for Gina.

This morning, Gina promptly popped on Zoom and away we went. She was incredibly outgoing and patient. I realize some of my questions were a bit elementary, but I figured if I wondered, others probably did, too. Either way, Gina answered everything. She explained her skills, contacting the spirit world, how it works and more.

Some of the highlights for me included Gina discussing the circle of spirits (family, friends etc.). In other words, could she contact anyone, even if I didn't know the person. She also explained receiving bad news, the spirits interacting and what type of messages are delivered by the spirits. I also greatly respected her answering how she dealt with a non-believer.

Aside from my gained knowledge, my biggest takeaway was her passion for what she does and for helping people. Neither before nor after the interview did she try to sell me on anything, including a reading. She did not try to push her services on me or in the interview, except at the end when I asked her to give her info for those watching. She was happy to enlighten me on all the topics we covered and I am grateful for her willingness to share her story.

Near the end, I had a little extra off-topic fun when we talked hockey, specifically her love of the New York Islanders, as I saw her framed Mike Bossy jersey in the background. From my research, I already knew she loved the team, but the jersey reminded me to ask. She didn't hesitate to mention the team won four Stanley Cups. Although a lifelong fan of the Blackhawks, I had to love the Islanders back then.

My goal in the interview was to educate myself and Gina delivered big time. I hope viewers enjoy the interview and get some of their questions answered.

I really appreciate Gina giving me her time and consideration. She has a lot of demands on her time, but she gave me a thoughtful, thought-provoking conversation. I encourage everyone to listen to Gina's interview with Pat Longo and to look for the Inked Medium on social media (Instagram, twitter and Facebook).

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