Thursday, March 30, 2023

On the Beat With Kayden Phoenix

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo starts Friday and runs through Sunday. It will be loaded with celebrities and creators of all sorts. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kayden Phoenix, one of the creators I most want to meet. That interview is on the Johngy's Beat YouTube channel at On the Beat With Kayden Phoenix.

Kayden discussed her start in the entertainment business. Seeing a need, Kayden created the first Latina SuperHeroes team, sending her career into another direction. It takes a strong and talented person to see a void and fill it. Talking to Kayden, it quickly becomes apparent how creative and stong-willed she is.

The Latina SuperHeroes team consists fo five characters, each having distint origins and abilities. Kayden discusses each with such passion. You can tell this isn't just a business endeavor. This is something with deep meaning for Kayden.

Kayden talks about all of this and more. She discusses her current and future projects, creating characters not seen in the comic books, carrying the banner for empowerment and of course, her upcoming appearance at C2E2.

My biggest takeaway was her passion, commitment and drive. I was so impressed with her spirit. Obviously, she is a talented person, but it is awesome to see her put her talents into such a unique direction. It might have been easier to take a more common route. I am sure Kayden would have success with whatever she created. Kayden took the unpaved road and created SuperHeroes for young Latinas. 

Although they are Latina SuperHeroes, their appeal goes beyond just young Latinas. The stories are well-written and beautifully drawn. Kayden tackles serious issues with humor and heart. There are life lessons and good versus evil stories. All are entertaining no matter the age, gender or nationality of the reader.

Kayden will be at C2E2, meeting fans and promoting her projects. For more info on C2E2, go to​. If you can't make it there or juts to learn more about Kayden, go to

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