Wednesday, March 1, 2023

On the Beat With Truth Martini

Truth Martini was one of my first wrestling interviews. Despite being one of the most successful and popular managers in the midwest, Truth gave this rookie several minutes of his time on show night. Flash forward more than a decade, with Truth celebrating 25 years in the business, I Zoom revisited Truth live from his House of Truth wrestling school. That interview is at On the Beat With Truth Martini.

Making his wrestling debut in 1998 while being trained by Al Snow, Truth really gained fame during his lengthy run in Ring of Honor. When his in-ring career was derailed by a neck injury, Truth made an unplanned, but smooth transition to managing. Later he added trainer, another unexpected role, to his resume.

Eventually, he opened The House of Truth Wrestling School in Center Line, Michigan, just north of Detroit and his birthplace Hamtramck. At the House of Truth, students can learn any and every aspect of the wrestling business. Some alumni include Alex Shelley, Danhausen, Jimmy Jacobs and Zach Gowan.

In our interview, Truth discussed all of this, speaking in such a humble and positive manner. At one point, citing his love of wrestling, Truth states he would do this for free. That isn't just cliché interview quote, Truth means it. One example is the lifetime membership to the House of Truth. Once a student pays his fee, he is welcome back any time and many alums, including Shelley, return on a regular basis for more education.

With no planning or training, Truth was thrust into a manager's role, a role he embraced. He excelled in that tole to the point of the legendary Jim Cornette not only praising his work, but guiding him a bit. Similarly, while still active, Truth was invited to teach a class and another new direction came for him.

Were these instances happenstance? Luck? Maybe a little of both, but mostly they were others recognizing something special in Truth. You can't speak to Truth without feeling his aura. 

The thing that impressed me the most about Truth is his positive nature. He didn't let his neck injury keep him down. He praises his students. He is willing, even eager, to discuss wrestling any time.

Truth is one of a kind. There are a lot of wrestling trainers and schools, but there's only one Truth.

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