Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Happy Birthday, Laura!

Today is the birthday of my eldest niece Laura. I won't be celebrating with her, but I do celebrate her here.

It is always cliche to say, but it is also true. Where did the years go?

I distinctly remember riding the train with her mom Nancy and learning of Laura's impending birth. Seemingly all of a sudden, the baby on the way became an adult. She's not just any adult though.

Laura is smart, beautiful, funny, sarcastic (just a bit) and cool. I enjoy trading dumb memes with her and asking her musical opinion on performers I stumble upon. I couldn't have dreamed of a cooler niece, but somehow that niece also became a sweet friend. 

I chose the picture below because it is pure Laura. A fantastic daughter, niece, granddaughter and cousin, she is also a wonderful dog sister. Nobody loves the family dogs more than Laura. Her heart just beats for them always.

I am sure Laura is celebrating in northwest Indiana with her parents, but I raise a toast to her here. Happy birthday, Laura! I love you!

Laura in northwest Indiana-Winter 2022.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you have a GREAT day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from me and Sully 🐾

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Uncle Crash! You're the best 💜💜💜