Friday, May 12, 2023

Maria Kanellis of Women's Wrestling Army

Maria Kanellis was originally hired in 2004 by the WWE as a back stage interviewer. Before too long, she added in-ring wrestling to her resume. Since then, Maria has carved out almost two decades in pro wrestling.

Perhaps her most significant project is Women's Wrestling Army. While WWA has only had a few shows, it has been some of the best wrestling I have seen. Maria and her crew do everything right. They don't just fill a wrestling card with any women. WWA brings in top indie wrestlers like KiLynn King, Kayla Sparks, Missa Kate and others. The women bust their butts every match. I cannot praise WWA enough.

There is no future show date announced yet and Maria is a bit busy with Ring of Honor right now, but I am sure a new WWA event will be announced fairly soon. This is a labor of love for Maria and it is growing with each event.

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Maria Kanellis and me in Berwyn, IL-November 2022.

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