Saturday, May 20, 2023

On the Beat with Georgina Corrick

Athletes Unlimited AUX Softball starts with the draft June 9 in Rosemont, Illinois. Pitcher Georgina Corrick is preparing for the season and will arrive in town in about two weeks. Knowing the hectic schedule of this short season, I took the opportunity to interview Georgina yesterday.

Georgina was born in England, but moved to the United States as an infant. Although she attempted a few sports, she found her spot on the softball field. Starting as a catcher, Georgina eventually moved to the pitching mound, thus launching an elite pitching career.

At South Florida, Georgina won numerous awards and accolades, while putting her name all over the program's leaderboard. Among her awards, she won the first pitchering Triple Crown in NCAA history. She also ended her career perfectly, pitching the gem in her last collegiate game in front of her parents, too.

On the international stage, Georgina continued her excellence for Great Britain. In European Championships, Georgina and her teams won two bronze and one silver medal. 

Georgina was selected third overall in the 2022 AU Draft. In the inaugural AUX season in San Diego, Georgina finished fifth with 1,308 points. She continued setting records, including the first pitcher to record double-digit strikeouts, and a record 162 pitches in 9.1 innings.

In our interview, Georgina started by telling the story of her attempts at youth sports. It took a little perseverance and a little luck, but Georgina eventually found her home on the softball field. It's a great origin story, although ever-humble Georgina describes it as “embarrassing.”

She discussed moving from catcher to pitcher, experiencing success, pitching in front of her parents and representing her native GB internationally. She also gave her thoughts on the unique scoring system and setup on AU Softball, including her initial feelings, preparing for the short season and current thoughts with one season completed. She confirmed she will play the AU championship season starting in late July, after returning from international play. 

Although she has no immediate plans of retiring and I certainly hope she plays a long time, Georgina hopes to become a shark enthusiast when she finally leaves the field. She explained what a shark enthusiast is and how she is already preparing for that potential endeavor. I recommended the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago as a place to visit while she is in town with AUX.

I look forward to seeing Georgina in action at AUX. It will be great to finally meet her in person.

Watch the interview at On the Beat With Georgina Corrick. For more info on AU, go to Follow here for my recurring coverage.

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