Sunday, July 30, 2023

Celebrity Jersey Cards #646 Doug Flutie & Adam Oates

Celebrity Jersey Cards is a weekly series in which I create virtual trading cards for celebrities wearing sports jerseys. Today, I continue my season-long alphabetical journey through all Major League Baseball teams with a couple WNBA-MLB crossovers.

Born in Maryland, Doug Flutie had an outstanding career at Boston College before embarking on a legendary pro career. First in the USFL, then in Canada and the NFL, Flutie set several records. In 1986-87, he had a stint with my beloved Chicago Bears that did not turn out well through no fault fo his own. If not for the egos of others, Flutie might have been a star for the Bears for a long time. Instead, he took his talents elsewhere and enjoyed another 18+ seasons of pro ball. Flutie proved he still had it when he threw a perfect strike for his home area Washington Nationals and earned his Celebrity Jersey Card.

Born in Canada, Adam Oates enjoyed a 19 year career in the NHL with seven teams, ultimately leading to a Hall of Fame induction in 2012. Oates spent parts of six seasons with his home area Capitals, which explains the connection to the Washington Nationals. It was a bumpy road to the Caps, as Oates had his contract renegotiated. Still, he was beloved by the fans, who cheered when he appeared for the Nats to earn his Celebrity Jersey Card.

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