Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Jay Bradley and HP Cares For Cooper

Earlier this month, I attended a special weekend in Highland Park, IL. Hosted by Billy Corgan and the National Wrestling Alliance, HP Cares For Cooper and NWA Powerrr Television tapings made for an amazing weekend. A more detailed recap of my weekend is on the Highland Park Patch.

There were several old friends I wanted to see at the events. I saw all of them, with varying levels of engagement due to time and situation constraints.

One of those people was Jay Bradley. When I was involved with Resistance Pro Wrestling, Jay was one of the first faces of the company. Jay was an excellent wrestler, who probably would have won the title if he didn't have other wrestling commitments.

Jay's parents were two of the first folks I saw that weekend. It was great catching up with them. I kept a close eye on them after the shows, because I figured Jay would eventually go to them, which he did. I took that opportunity to grab Jay for a quick chat and picture. I knew he was busy with them and his duties at the show. I was happy for that moment.

Go to for more info on Jay and the NWA. Check back here for my recurring wrestling coverage.

Jay Bradley and me in Highland Park, IL-July 2023.

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