Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Talking Travel With Barb Jordan

The newest interview in the Talking Travel interview series on the Global Traveler YouTube channel features softball legend and personal safety expert Barb Jordan. It is at Talking Travel with Barb Jordan.

I first met Barb when she was doing broadcasting for the National Pro Fastpitch league. Then, I knew her as a former great player, as well as a coach and broadcaster. There is so much more to Barb's story than just her amazing career in softball.

Sadly, Barb's story involves the tragic murder of her sister. From that horrific situation, Barb made something positive with Always Bev, a tribute to her sister and a way to teach safety and awareness.

I continually stress the part of Always Bev I like the most is Barb teaches being vigilant and not being fearful. Through awareness, preparation and precaution, fear is diminished and safety is increased. Always Bev is about empowering.

I thought Barb was the perfect person to appear in the Talking Travel series. As we cover in the interview, making preparedness part of all routines takes just a few extra seconds, but those little bits of time could be life-savers. Eventually the extra steps become part of all routines.

I thank Barb for her friendship over the years and for always giving her time to discuss saefty. I also thank her for tirelessly working to make the world a safer place to live and to travel.

For more info on Barb and her fantastic work, go to Check out the rest of GT's Talking Travel interview series on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to get notified of future interviews.

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