Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Kris Haines at Midwest Sports Buffet

The first college football game I ever attended was at Notre Dame in the late 1970's. Wide receiver Kris Haines had a big game. I don't remember the details, but I followed his career from then on.

Haines was taken by the Washington Redskins in the ninth round of the 1979 NFL draft. He split the '79 season between the Redskins and my Chicago Bears. I was excited to see him come to my team. In 1980, he played 16 games, starting one. He played one more season with the Bears, then played with the Chicago Blitz of the USFL in 1984. He later did some coaching.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Haines thanks to the fine folks at the Midwest Sports Buffet. Haines was part of a semi-private signing in Bridgeview, but the organizers allowed me to come and meet Haines. Who would have thought 45 years after first seeing him play for the Fighting Irish I would finally meet him.

The Midwest Sports Buffet has been hosting card shows with athletes appearing. Their next show is Sunday, August 13 and one of the featured guests is Matt Suhey. Follow Midwest Sports Buffet on Facebook to get all of their news and updates.

Kris Haines and me in Bridgeview, IL-July 2023.

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