Thursday, August 17, 2023

Michael Kingston at New York Comic Con 2021 (and 2022 and probably 2023)

New York Comic Con starts today. Running October 12-15, it is one of the country's biggest comic cons. Once again, I am "On the Beat" meeting celebrities and creators of all sorts.
I met Michael Kingston many years ago. I have interviewed him many times over the years, including last year at NYCC. The interview On the Beat With Michael Kingston, shows a glimpse of what he has at his booth and the fun of NYCC.
Michael created Headlocked, a real world comic about wrestling. A talented and creative person, who was a wrestling fan, Michael put it all together and made his comic book, which quickly became embraced by the wrestling world, including big name wrestlers. Jerry "The King" Lawler jumped on board as the cover artist and many others lent their talents to issues. It was amazing to see Headlocked grow so much over the years. It couldn't happen to a better guy. Michael has passion for all he does and is one of the hardest working folks out there. If you follow him on social media, you'll see he is on the go all the time. He is a great promoter of his work, but he also gets those big name wrestlers helping.
I always check out Michael's booth and I look forward to seeing what he has this year. I am sure there will be legends and current stars. Plus, it's always fun catching up with Michael.
Go to for all the news on Michael's latest projects. Check for updates and scheduling on NYCC.
Michael Kingston and me in New York, NY-October 2021. 

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