Sunday, September 3, 2023

Happy Birthday, Matt

Today is my nephew Matt's Birthday. Join me as I reflect upon the legend of Big Money.

The picture below perfectly captures the essence of Big Money in his prime working with Johngy's Beat. Always repping the Beat apparel and always ready with a big thumb's up for the cameras. If you were a fan of Resistance Pro Wrestling back in the 2010's, you definitely saw Big Money in action at the shows, in pictures and even on the dvd's.

We had a ton of fun back during those years. It never felt like work with Matt. We were just two knuckleheads who couldn't believe the access we had at times. Whether backstage at wrestling, on Major League Baseball Fields or waiting on comic con guests for interviews, we always had a blast.

Life moves on and Matt now has a beautiful family of a wife and two young children. I couldn't be happier for him. He deserves all the happiness he can get.

It always makes me smile when these memories pop up on my timeline or when he sends me one from his. That was a great time in life and now I get to make new memories as I watch his family grow.

I am sure Matt will celebrate with his family today. I wish him a great birthday from a couple hours away. I love ya, Big Money!

Matt and Awesome Kong in 2013.

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Jean Parker said...

Nice birthday message ... Happy Birthday Matt!!