Saturday, September 23, 2023

Marshe Rockett at Rocket Pro Wrestling

It's just a cool name coincidence, but Marshe Rockett seems a natural for Rocket Pro Wrestling. When he becomes champ (and I believe he will), there are a lot of storyline and marketing ideas because of it.
I have known Marshe fo many years. I first met him when we worked together at Resistance Pro Wrestling. Call it scripted, but when Marshe won the RPro title, there was real emotion in his face and voice. That wasn't faked. That win and title meant something to Marshe.
That's just the type of wrestler he is. He cares for his craft. This isn't just a throwaway weekend gig. Marshe is one of the best on the independent scene. He has had several appearances in the big copanies, too. Marshe deserves all the success he gets, because on top of being an excellent wrestler, he is a class act.
One of the highlights for me covering RPW has been seeing Marshe and his family. If you're lucky enough to be friends with them online, you'll see plenty of heartwarming posts. Even though I follow them, I was a bit surprised at how big their eldest son is. It's great watching his family literally grow.
Marshe is just one fo the stars of RPW. He's one of the reasons why it is the fast-growing wrestling company around Chicago. It quickly is becoming the favorite of so many fans.
I really think Marshe will eventually capture the title. Then will he rename it Rockett Pro Wrestling?
RPW's next show is Darkness Falls on Saturday, October 14. It promises to be full of suprises as usual. Go to for more info on that event.
Marshe Rockett and me in Joliet, IL-September 2023.


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