Tuesday, September 26, 2023

On the Beat With Kaia McKenna

When I was preparing to cover StarrCast VI, Kaia McKenna was one o my main targets for an interview. Due to the noise level and crowd, I could not do it there, but Kaia graciously agreed to a Zoom interview later. Last week, I got that interview.

After listening to other interviews of Kaia, I knew she would be a fascinating guest. Still early in her career, she has overcome a serious shoulder injury, but also has an amazingly mature look at the overall world of pro wrestling.

During her time in wrestling, Kaia has filled many roles. Not only did she enjoy those parts, she also learned a lot from doing those duties. All of that will help her in-ring career, but also is fueling a vision of running a promotion. This plan isn't some armchair wrestling fan playing fantasy wrestling. Kaia has a wealth of knowledge and a good grasp of what is needed. I have no doubt she will be a great promoter if she follows that path.

She also indulged me in talk of being a witch. This isn't the hokey black, pointy hat stuff. She talks of crystals, focus and energy. Maybe to an outside, it is just a mindset. To Kaia it is being a witch. Whether you believe or not, there is a lot to be learned from Kaia

 Lessons in improving one's focus can help in all aspects of life. Taking energy from crystals isn't a totally strange concept. It's not necessarily a black and white picture. Why not take whatever good you can from anyone?

In any case, I appreciate Kaia for her time and consideration. I am grateful she was open about her career and life. I am also thankful she accepted my request to learn more about witches as a genuine interest.

The full interview is at On the Beat With Kaia McKenna. Also, check all of the wrestling coverage on TheEveryDayFan.com.

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