Friday, November 10, 2023

Killa Kate Or BK Rhythm?

I first saw Killa Kate at 2econd Wrestling where she wrestled in a four-way match. Although she did not win the bout, she impressed me with her skills.
I have only seen her wrestle once since then, again at 2econd Wrestling, because she is based in the Texas area and wrestles a lot there. I have followed her online though and yes, I have asked for an interview, which she has not granted yet, but I am still hopeful.
While seeing her other matches online, I came across a familiar-looking wrestler at WOW. BK Rhythm looks, speaks and wrestles like Killa Kate. The only difference I see is BK busts out some great raps as she trash talks opponents. It's a great gimmick and would a fun layer to Killa Kate if it is Killa Kate.
Perhaps in a move similar to Dusty Rhodes and the Yellow Dog, Junkyard Dog and Stagger Lee, Hulk Hogan and Mr. America and others, Killa Kate has an alternate persona. Of course, it could be a doppelganger. Who knows what happens in the world of pro wrestler.
In either case, I highly recommend checking out a Killa Kate match or a BK Rhythm one. I wonder if they could ever wrestle each other. I highly doubt that though, unless they use trickery like with the fake Sting.
Killa Kate and me in Northbrook, IL-December 2022.

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