Thursday, December 7, 2023

On the Beat With Victoria Cheri Bennett

Earlier this week, I interviewed Victoria Cheri Bennett or Bevin. Bevin is the alias of Bennett, who is hosting Beverages with Bevin, the newest fandom talk show.
A veteran of the comic con scene (we determined she is in fact a comic con veteran), Bennett launched Beverages with Bevin, a show featuring her (Bevin) interviewing various folks from the comic con scene. The beverage is her way of creating a casual fun atmosphere, which makes it more entertaining for the guests, fans and Bennett.
After giving a brief bio, Bennett gave me all the info on her new show. With 50+ guests on its first season, its plan is quite ambitious, but so is Bennett. Before closing, I turned the tables on Bennett and asked her what beverage I would have. Despite just meeting me and me reversing the concept, Bennett indulged me with a solid guess. Although I just met her, that didn't surprise me. She is quirky, fun and fast on her feet, all of which make her a great interviewer and Beverages with Bevin a great show.
I wrote more about it on Also, check the interview at On the Beat With Victoria Cheri Bennett on the Johngy's Beat YouTube channel. Lastly, go to to learn more about her and the show.
I thank Victoria (or Bevin) for her time. Also, thanks to Annie Banks (another comic con veteran) for facilitating the interview.

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