Friday, January 19, 2024

Lisa Aprati and Worlds Colliding

This is an example of several worlds colliding in the most tremendous way. An autographed copy of this picture hangs in my place, because I love it so much.
It probably started about 30 years ago, when Lisa Aprati hosted several cable shows. One of her shows was a wrestling interview/promotional show featuring WWF wrestlers. One of her frequent guests was Al Snow, who wrestled under several names back then. They had such great chemistry. I often wondered why he was on so much and if they were friends.
A few years later, I met Al at a comic con. It was there where he started our "punching" photos. I interviewed Al several times since then and became friends with him and his wife Jessica. 
When Tommy Else and I started our podcast, I asked entertainer David Vox Mullen ito come on and talk about his comedy tour with Al. He came on and brought Al with him. On the show, Tommy asked Al about his appearances on Lisa's shows. Tommy had noticed their chemistry, too. Al talked fondly of that time. I contacted Lisa and sent her the link to the show. She thanked me and spoke just as fondly about the shows.
When they were appearing near us, Tommy and I went to the show. I was talking to someone, when Tommy pulled me aside to see someone. To my shock, it was Lisa, who came out to the show. What a surprise.
We probably should have gotten Vox in this photo, too, but they were busy and we were lucky to even get each separate.
Tommy and I recall this night a lot. We both think it was one of the coolest, most surreal nights ever and he also has this picture in his place.
Our interview with Al and Vox is at The Johngy "OR ELSE" podcast. We still hope to get Lisa on the show.
Tommy Else, Lisa Aprati, Al Snow and me in  IL-December 2022.

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