Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Meeting Alydar Skyy

I love how one thing leads to another to another and so on. Such is the case of how I met and became a fan of comedian Alydar Skyy.
Friend and former wrestling manager Paul Myers led me to entertainer David Vox Mullen. We interviewed Vox on our HeroTV show a few years ago. I immediately liked Vox and started following his career, seeing him perform a few times.
Vox led me to Michele Traina, another comedian, with whom he was working. I interviewed Michele once and went to see her perform. Backstage, I met Alydar Skyy and the chain continued.
Since then, I have seen Alydar and the rest of the bunch perform several times. They are hilarious separate or together. It's amazing how they all have different styles, but they can also mesh together well. I guess that's the sign of a true entertainer.
They are also great folks and I am proud to call them friends. I look forward to seeing all more this year.
You can check out Alydar on Facebook to see some of her current projects. If you ever see her in person, be sure to meet her after the show. She's just as personable and funny offstage.
Alydar Skyy and me in Chicago, IL-December 2022.

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