Thursday, January 4, 2024

Thank You and Congratulations to Jimmy Blaze

Late last year, social media had a lot of pictures of folks with wrestler/promoter Jimmy Blaze. Jimmy had announced his in-ring retirement and people shared their many years of great memories. Although I missed his last match, I have a lot of fun memories with Jimmy.

Way back when I first started covering independent wrestling, Jimmy's POWW Entertainment was one of my first shows. Jimmy welcomed me and gave me a lot of freedom in taking pictures and getting interviews. His wrestlers even occasionally brought me into the act. I loved every minute of it.

Over the years, due to scheduling and being a prt of Resistance Pro Wrestling, I didn't get to see as many POWW shows as I would have liked. I always followed POWW and Jimmy on social media, though.

Wrestling companies come and go (RPro is long gone), but POWW remains. It is the longest-running wrestling company in the area and credit goes to Jimmy. While other companies rose quickly and got lots of publicity, POWW kept chugging along, outlasting all of them. Even now, there are a few companies getting a lot of buzz, but it remains to be seen how long they wil last. It will be hard for any company to match POWW's 25+ years.

In wrestling, are retirements ever permanent? If you watch wrestling, you know retirements are mostly temporary, even if the intention is there to stay retired. The pull is very strong to return.

Will Jimmy stay retired? My heart says he will return for a few one-time appearances and the fans will love to see that!

Either way, he will not disappear. POWW is his baby and he will be there, keeping it growing.

Jimmy is a class act in and out of the ring, whether he laces up the boots again or remains retired. Thank you for all you did for me and for the sport. 

Jimmy Blaze and me in Rockford, IL-Summer 2022.

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