Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Coach Abby Ramirez

From the Chicago area, Abby Ramirez was a star infielder at the University of Michigan. Unfortunately for women softball players (and women athletes in general) professional sports opportunities are limited.

At the time Abby left Michigan, National Pro Fastpitch was the main pro league. Abby was signed with the Chicago Bandits and enjoyed several seasons with the team. As a softball fan, I knew of Abby at Michigan, but I met her and saw her in action for the first time with the Bandits.

Abby really was a delight. he was solid in the field and at bat and a fan favorite. Always smiling, Abby seemed to simply love playing, which made it even more fun to watch. After the NPF folded, Abby signed on with Athletes Unlimited softball, again based in Rosemont. 

Abby announced her playing retirement at the end of last season. Not leaving the game, Abby remained a coach at DePaul. She has been an assistant coach for a few seasons.

Even in retirement, Abby can't get away from me. LOL  Since I cover DePaul softball, I get to see her all season. It's great to see she is just as enthusiastic about coaching as playing. Her "pupil" can certainly learn plenty of Coach Abby.

Abby Ramirez and me in Evanston, IL-March 2024.

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